Investigation Specialists, Inc.
"Serving the Insurance Industry Since 1983"

Local Service States and Agency Licenses
Florida A-1973    Georgia PDC-858    Alabama 015024    North Carolina BPN2929P4    South Carolina 1397    Tennessee 0001795    Mississippi 950951

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The ISI Difference

With over seventy-five years of combined experience in the investigation industry, the Executive Staff has developed the techniques to provide the very best investigative services in this very specialized industry. Each report and assignment is reviewed extensively by an Executive Staff member. Should an investigation\surveillance not meet the rigorous standards we have set, the assignment is simply redone without cost to the client. ISI believes its standards are the highest in the industry. If necessary, the Executive Staff performs the assignment personally to insure these standards are met. Our investigators attend ongoing instructional programs designed by the Executive Staff to keep them the best trained and informed as to new laws, procedures, and technology effecting their profession.

The average tenure of an ISI investigator is approximately 7 years and the average experience is 12 years.  Many of ISI's investigators have been with the agency for ten years or more and several have been with the firm for over 15 years.  Such retention of personnel means that when your case goes to hearing, we will not have to chase down the whereabouts of the investigator who conducted your surveillance.  In all likelihood he will still be with us working in the field.

Unlike many agencies, we primarily accept insurance defense oriented cases rooted in surveillance and complemented by investigation to provide a complete investigation suitable for prosecution if necessary. This practice allows us to focus and hone our abilities to a specific, highly demanding area of expertise rather than being merely good at several styles of investigation.

Modern, up-to-date equipment is critical in our assignments. Therefore, each investigator use the latest, state-of-the-art investigative, video, communication  and computer equipment to complete the assignment and also to keep you, the client, fully informed of the progress of your case.