Investigation Specialists, Inc.
"Serving the Insurance Industry Since 1983"

Local Service States and Agency Licenses
Florida A-1973    Georgia PDC-858    Alabama 015024    North Carolina BPN2929P4    South Carolina 1397    Tennessee 0001795    Mississippi 950951

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Senior Staff Bios

Fred Vander Woude, Jr. - has been Case Manager for the last two years.  He joined ISI in 1989 as an investigator intern and was hand trained by the senior members of ISI in insurance defense investigations and surveillance techniques.  He secured his full investigator license in 1991 and left in mid 1993 to pursue other investigative opportunities in the Carolinas.  He returned to ISI at the beginning of 1996 and relies on his early training and nearly fourteen years of experience to conduct professional insurance investigations and surveillance throughout the East Coast and Central Florida region.  He is licensed in Florida, Georgia and North  Carolina.

Mitchell Hays, FCI - after several years with national investigation agencies, joined ISI in 1985 as an Associate Investigator and progressed to the Out-of-State and special operations teams.  He left ISI in 1990 continuing his career in insurance investigations as Regional Operational Manager for two private investigation agencies.  Mr. Hays returned to ISI in 1996 as Director of SIU Services and administers contract SIU services to several insurance company clients.  He uses his more than twenty years in the insurance investigation industry to build criminal fraud cases for filing with Florida's Department of Insurance Fraud.  Mr. Hays is licensed in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina.  Mr. Hays is a Florida Certified Investigator by the Florida Board of Certified Investigators.  He is a member of the ISI Out-of-State Investigation and Special Operations teams.  He is also a member of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators.

John Marquez - began his private investigation career in 1983 conducting a host of investigative duties for several notable companies and private investigation agencies.  He moved over into insurance investigation in 1988 and remained in this arena when he joined ISI in early 1993.  Mr. Marquez uses his bilingual abilities in Spanish and his twenty years of investigative experience to provide ISI clients professional quality investigations in the South Florida region.  Mr.  Marquez has progressed to an ISI Associate Investigator and is a member of the ISI Out-of-State and special operations teams.

Robert Tate - after three years with other agencies, first joined ISI in 1989 as a Senior Investigator and moved with ISI in late 1989 to Atlanta, Georgia.  He left ISI in 1990 to serve as Director of Investigations for a Georgia private investigation agency specializing in insurance investigations.  He returned to ISI in 1994 and currently serves as a regular out of state investigator.  He calls on his twelve years of experience in insurance defense to conduct quality investigation and surveillances for ISI clients.  Mr. Tate is a member of the ISI Out-of-State Investigation and Special Operations teams.