Investigation Specialists, Inc.
"Serving the Insurance Industry Since 1983"

Local Service States and Agency Licenses
Florida A-1973    Georgia PDC-858    Alabama 015024    North Carolina BPN2929P4    South Carolina 1397    Tennessee 0001795    Mississippi 950951

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What We Do

Investigation Specialists, Inc. offers a wide variety of services to aid our clients with the control, settlement, or litigation of their cases. In our arsenal of services, we have found surveillance to be the most successful for maintaining control of the file. Early surveillance/investigation involvement provides better file control.

Our clients have repeatedly proven that aggressive surveillance of claimants provides large monetary savings, as well as closing numerous files. They are accomplishing these feats by confronting claimants to facilitate better cooperation from the claimant. They also find large savings in mediation negotiations by having doctors review video evidence to bring about earlier MMI dates, return to work statuses, and limiting unnecessary surgeries. They are revealing the videotape evidence to claimant's attorneys, resulting in earlier settlements and reduced litigation. Two or three successfully defended liability or worker's compensation cases can offset the cost of investigations for the entire year.

Our investigators routinely locate critical witnesses, identify other causes of the injury and prior injuries that have assisted with claims and verified numerous fraudulent claims.

Our staff of nearly thirty African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian investigators, many of whom are bilingual, usually accomplish our services in the traditional lone investigator fashion. We have the ability and experience, however, to mount the more complicated surveillance often necessitated by previously compromised surveillances or investigations. Among or clientele, we have the reputation as the agency to contact when a case has become compromised.